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Bais Rivkah Division of Higher Learning

The Bais Rivkah Seminary Comprehensive
Teacher Training Program

"Make Chinuch your Shlichus"

Do you have a talent for teaching and relating to children? Are you motivated to share the light of Torah and Chassidus with the next generation?

This program is a unique, all-immersive training that empowers its participants with the Rebbe's vision for Chinuch combined with the crucial tools to become effective teachers in today's world. It includes two tracks:

  • Elementary (grades 1-8)

  • Early Childhood (Head Start- Pre1a)

About Our Program

This program offers high caliber courses taught by a faculty of highly qualified, master educators. Our state-of-the-art curriculum encompasses a myriad of up-to-date courses and topics necessary to navigate the contemporary classroom:

The Rebbe's Teachings on Education

Jewish Studies Curriculum/Methodology


Lesson Planning

Student Engagement

Classroom Management

Classroom Models: Self-Discovery, Group Work

Child Psychology


Social Skills/Conflict Resolution

Character Development and Resilience

Building Relationships

Special Education



Special trainings are offered to keep up with the rapidly evolving world of technology, applicable to classroom use.



All those who participate in the Teacher Training Program are part of the full seminary Judaic Studies Program with additional time dedicated to Teacher Training. Regular classes are 8:30am-12:30pm. Teacher Training is 1:00pm-2:00pm Monday through Thursday. Friday classes are 8:30am-12:15pm. Evening classes are on Monday and Wednesday. 


  • Open to all fluent English speaking students

  • As part of the program, there is training in how to teach General Studies.

  • Students will be spending hours in a host classroom with a teacher coach and present lessons each semester.

Hands-on Teaching Lab

  • Peer teaching

  • Student teaching: apprenticeship in homeroom class of a local school

  • Diversified field work


Field Trips

  • Observations in high caliber Torah institutions in the tri-state area

  • Tours, workshops, and hands-on research projects at the Torah Umesorah Educational Resource Center 

  • Visits to diversified educational models for special-ed and developmental challenges


Program Highlight for Elementary Track

  • Two-day teacher training convention hosted by Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh, under the leadership of Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum, master Chabad educator.


Perks of the Teacher Training Year

  • One on one individualized mentorship 

  • Strong support team  

  • Local and high paying tutoring jobs offered exclusively to program participants 

  • Teacher Training Certificate upon completion of program 

  • Advanced Course Credits 

  • Higher pay scale when applying to jobs  

  • Our graduates are sought after when applying to jobs 

  • Our graduates receive priority placement for jobs next year in schools 



If you are considering a future in chinuch, we encourage you to invest in proper training.  

Please read this article by Mrs. Rishe Majesky, experienced principal of Chabad High Schools, on why aspiring teachers should attend Bais Rivkah's Teacher Training Program:

To apply, Click the Teacher Training option in your seminary application.          

*Additional fee will apply.                      

  For further information about the program, please contact:

Mrs. Hindy Gurwitz, Program Director |  [email protected]

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