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Study Abroad at DHL

Congratulations on being accepted to Seminary in Eretz Yisroel for 2021-2022 be’h. We wish you/your daughter a very successful and productive year. 

Thank you for your interest in our Study Abroad Program*. Applicants to our Study Abroad Program must complete all DHL registration papers and submit all required documentation (high school diploma, reference letters etc.). You will be required to maintain satisfactory academic progress and will earn BR academic credits. Upon completion of the program, you will be issued a Beth Rivkah DHL transcript.

Criteria for Study Abroad Students 2021-2022

  1. High School graduate who has earned her high school diploma or equivalent by July 1, 2021. 

  2. There are approximately 30 Study Abroad slots available. Applicants who have fulfilled all of the requirements will be accepted on first come first served basis. Priority is given to graduates of Bais Rivkah High School, Brooklyn, NY. If there are additional slots available, they will be offered to graduates from other schools.

  3. Applicant is committed to iy”h attend Beth Rivkah DHL for Sem 2 (for the 2021-2022 School Year). Letter of Commitment should be signed by parent and student to be submitted at the time of application together with $100 application fee.

  4. Application for Admission and all other application requirements should be accurately completed and submitted to [email protected].

  5. FAFSA should be completed online now at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Click here to find instructions to apply to FAFSA. All FAFSA documentation as applicable (verification worksheet, 2019 tax return etc.) must submitted by July 2021. The verification worksheet is not available yet- it will be emailed to you. Please note: It is important that you read the Financial Aid Instructions even if you have already completed your FAFSA. If you see that you made any errors, please correct them now.

  6. Tuition and Fees for the Study Abroad Program is $8800. $2000 is due by September 2021. The balance is due by January 2022 if there is still a balance after the financial aid has been received. Limited scholarships are available.

*As of now, we have contracted with 3 schools in E"Y to have our students "study abroad" at their school for Seminary Aleph: Beit Chana, Tzfas, Machon Shoshanat Yerushalayim, and Machon Alte, Tzfas.

For additional information:

Please contact Mrs. Yocheved Baitelman or Mrs. Zisel Gurevitz at 718 735-0400 x1121 or email [email protected].

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