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Once a Bais Rivkah girl,
Always a Bais Rivkah girl 

Welcome to the EMBRACE
a space dedicated to connecting you with Bais Rivkah friends and inspiring and enriching your life.

You are spread across the globe and lead diverse and varied lives. You are leaders in your communities, mothers and grandmothers, teachers, artists and professionals.  Yet, you have one common denominator—Bais Rivkah.

Feel the Bais Rivkah spirit. 

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Gift yourself or a friend with an Embrace baby bib!

Did you or your friend have baby in the past 6 months?


Your Bais Rivkah teachers are your teachers for life. Watch exclusive Alumnae classes here. 

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Request your High School transcript here. Email [email protected] for Seminary transcript requests.

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EMBRACE Magazine

Which magazine is curated, thoughtful, entertaining and FREE? The EmBRace magazine of course.

Browse past issues and sign up for free subscription. 

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Past Events

EmBRace produces stellar classes, intriguing demos and presentations worth sharing. Watch the replays of your favoriate EmBRace events here.



Would you like to arrange a reunion for your class? We'd like to help! Contact us and we'll assist you in organizing a get-together. 

My Encounter Series

Many of the Bais Rivkah staff you know and love have a special connection to the Rebbe. Watch their stories here. 

Keep Us Posted

Has a Bais Rivkah teacher touched you or do you have a Bais Rivkah memory you would like to share?


We love hearing about where BR alumnae are in the world and what is going on in your lives. Let us know when you're celebrating a simcha, or have news to share about your career, family life, new home, or community activities. 

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