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Registration for the 2024-2025 school year is now open.

Attention Financial Aid Applicants (FAFSA):

It is not recommended that students submit their FAFSA /TAP application until mid-March.  

See Financial Aid on this website for additional information.

Registration for the 2024-25, 5785 school year will be open until May 31st 2024, כ"ג אייר.

 $100 discount for registering before Rosh Chodesh Nissan. 

If you apply before May 31st you will get class choice preference and the fee is $100.

After May 31st the application fee goes up to $300. 

Late Registration is June 1st- July 31st 2024, כ''ד אייר - כ''ה תמוז.

Late Registration is subject to additional fees and limitations on program and class options. 

Seminary Bais: Teacher Training applications received by Rosh Chodesh Nissan will be eligible for scholarships.

For further information about Study Abroad applications or financial aid please see below.

If you have additional questions you can email Mrs. Zisel Gurevitz at [email protected]

For Seminary Alef application questions and interviews please email [email protected]

All other application questions can be directed to Mrs. Naama Benet at [email protected]

Application requirements

Please note: Study Abroad students are required to be enrolled in an in-person course at Beth Rivkah Seminary during Spring 2024

What you'll need to apply:

1. Copy of your High School Diploma (secular) or signed High School Transcript indicating that you graduated. If you have a Regents diploma please submit it a soon as you get it. 
Seminary Alef applicants: Until your High School diploma is available, please upload a copy of a High School Transcript, and make sure to email your High School diploma as soon as possible to [email protected].
Seminary Bais Applicants:  Submit a copy of your High School diploma (Regents diploma if you have one) or signed transcript indicating that you graduated. If your diploma is in a language other than English, we will also need a translation. If you need assistance in translating your diploma, please contact [email protected]
2. Copy of your social security card
3. Copy of your passport 
4. Copy of transcripts from each seminary/college you've attended 
Seminary Bais applicants must also upload a copy of your Seminary Alef transcript now and a signed Seminary transcript after Seminary graduation.
5. Two letters of recommendations including contact information 
6. Immunization form. Please download and complete the PDF from the DHL website. You will upload it as part of the application. 
7. An in-person interview with the hanhala scheduled in advance with Naama Benet [email protected]
*Please note you'll need your credit card at the end to pay the application fee*

Tuition and Fees

Non refundable application fee: $100

The late registration fee after May 31st is $300.

Student Activity Fee:

Seminary Aleph $800

Seminary Beis $500

Fall 2023-24
Spring 2024
Total 2023-24
Seminary Aleph
Seminary Alef Study Abroad Option
Seminary Beis
Teacher Training Early Childhood -- additional charge (for Seminary Beis only)
Teacher Training Elementary School -- additional charge (for Seminary Beis only)

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