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Educational Mission

The goal of the Division of Higher Learning of Associated Beth Rivkah Schools is to offer qualified enrollees a superior a well-rounded, high caliber Judaic educational experience. Its raison d’être is to provide quality Jewish education to every student that can demonstrate qualification and a desire to learn.

Based on a commitment to make Jewish education available and accessible to Jewish students everywhere, and recognition of the inalienable right of every Jewish child to a Jewish education, Division of Higher Learning of Associated Beth Rivkah Schools has assumed a leadership role in guaranteeing this right to Jewish girls, regardless of background or birthplace. Through educating our students, Division of Higher Learning of Associated Beth Rivkah Schools’ professed goal is to cultivate generations of Jewish women who are both well-versed in their culture and heritage, and dedicated to preserving and promoting these assets within their communities and institutions.

Our mission is timeless, idealistic and practical. The Jewish woman is the mainstay of her home and her community. Our graduates are trained and educated to take responsibility for transmitting Jewish knowledge and values. In view of the school’s mission, the values do not change. Living in the era of information explosion and access to high tech tools compels the higher education community to assist students to analyze and filter the information, and train them in critical thinking. In awareness of the current world situation, where society does not advocate lifestyle boundaries, Division of  Higher Learning of Associated Beth Rivkah Schools considers it pivotal that the knowledge gained at Jewish institutions of higher learning lead to an ethical and moral lifestyle.  The studies must impact and be reflected in one’s daily life. Education should be aimed not only at the intellect, but also at the heart and soul of our students.



The Division of Higher Learning of Associated Beth Rivkah Schools is a post-secondary academic institute of Judaic studies. Division of Higher Learning of Associated Beth Rivkah Schools offers its qualified and motivated students intensive and diversified curricula in Hebrew, Jewish Studies and Education, anchored in the classical texts of Judaism and Chassidism and applied to the contemporary Jewish experience.

As one of the leading Jewish institutions in the United States and Canada, the Division of Higher Learning of Associated Beth Rivkah Schools prepares an annual cadre of qualified graduates.

Tracing its origins to the fall of 1962, the Division of Higher Learning of Associated Beth Rivkah Schools proudly points to its record of training hundreds of graduates and providing them with a high quality educational experience in the scholarly disciplines of Jewish studies, while simultaneously transmitting corollary values of personal responsibility and communal involvement.

True to its mission, the Division of Higher Learning of Associated Beth Rivkah Schools has succeeded in placing its alumnae as educators in over 75 cities worldwide, thereby promoting and perpetuating the educational values which they acquired at Division of Higher Learning of Associated Beth Rivkah Schools.

Faculty & Staff



Rabbi Yitzchok Barber

Rabbi Mordechai Dinerman

Rabbi R. Dubov

Rabbi Levi Garelik

Mrs. Hindy Gurwitz

Rabbi Yisroel Glick

Mrs. Rivka Gluckowsky

Mrs. Dena Gorkin

Rabbi Shneur Z. Hertzel

Mrs. Cipi Junik

Mrs. Sarah Lieberman

Rabbi Boruch M. Lipskier

Rabbi Yehuda L. Newman

Rabbi Yosef Y. Paltiel

Rabbi Naftali Silberberg

Rabbi Moshe Silman 

Rabbi Yaakov Sputz

Rabbi Shlomo Sternberg

Mrs. Pearl Stroh

Mrs. Esther Twersky

Mrs. Esther Vilenkin

Mrs. Chanie Wolf

Rabbi Mendy Wolf


Mrs. Chana Gorowitz  


Rabbi Sholom Goldstein

Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Rivka Greenspan 

Director of Finance

Mrs. Zisel Gurevitz  

Financial Aid Administrator 

Mrs. Hindy Gurwitz  



Board of Directors

Chairman: Rabbi A. Shemtov

Mr. Frederic Goldfein

Mr. Yerachmeal Jacobson

Mr. Dovid Junik

Mr. Yigal Niasoff

Mr. Itchik Orimland

Mr. Dovid Sputz

Mr. Mendy Gansburg


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Associated Beth Rivkah Schools Division of Higher Learning is accredited by the Association of Institutions of Jewish Studies (AIJS), a nationally recognized accrediting agency located at 500 West Kennedy Boulevard, Lakewood, NJ 08701 

We are accredited to offer the following programs:

  • Classical Torah Studies Certificate – 24 credits

  • Classical Torah Studies Degree – 60 credits

  • Advanced Classical Torah Studies Degree – 120 credits

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar
תשפ"ד | 2023-2024

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