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Beth Rivkah.



Over 80 years of being "the Rebbe's school" 

Beth Rivkah is committed to our community. We are proud to bear the title of ‘the Rebbe’s school’, and we work hard every day to realize the goals that he set out for us.

A groundbreaking school—from the start.

Founded in 1941 by the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Joseph I. Schneerson, and led by the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Beth Rivkah was the world’s first Chassidic girls’ school.


Today, Beth Rivkah is home to over 2,300 students, enrolled in our preschool through post-high school programs. Our alumnae number in the thousands.




Beth Rivkah graduates proudly carry the torch of תורה and מצות based on חב"ד values set forth by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.


Values like these:



Torah education is essential for girls and young women, not only as a shield against the spiritual threats,  but also as a transformative preparation and training to make Jewish life stronger.



Every person possesses a crucial role in the world, serving as an ambassador of light. Look for opportunities to create an impact and make a meaningful difference.


Respect and uplift all you come in contact with.

Welcome and embrace every Jew and share with them the beauty of our heritage. Each one is worth the whole world.

"Our aim is that every student should recognize her duty as a בת ישראל, being a member of the Jewish nation, and one who will establish a Jewish home in the future as a Jewish mother… Surely, for the sake of even saving one soul from straying from the path of תורה and מצות, we must grant all we can toward this end. This is true in particular for girls, in whom we hope to see the fulfillment of the verse, “The wisest of women, each one builds her home” - on the foundation of תורה and מצות."

-The Lubavitcher Rebbe's address

at a Beth Rivkah Dinner, 5706 (1946)

A school as exceptional as its dedication.

We take responsibility for serving the entire community, starting with our students.

No child is turned away due to lack of funds. 

85.8% of our student body are recipients of the Beth Rivkah Scholarship Fund to enable each child to access quality Jewish education, regardless of their financial means. 

The well-being of the children in our community is our top priority, which is why every classroom seat is occupied.

Students recieve counseling and therapeutic services onsite.

We work with families to assist them with the accessing the programs available to them and provide the space for the children to benifit from services during the school day.

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Extracurricular opportunities highlight strengths in our students beyond their classroom capabilities.

  • Leadership and community service activities are incorporated into our programming to prepare our students for a bright future as the future leaders of the Jewish community.

  • Chassidishe spirit is infused into the daily scheduling, providing our students and their families with extra depth and meaning in their day to day activities.

  • Our afterschool program caters to parents who work, as well as for students who can use extra support outside of school hours with their homework, as well as free dinner. Students learn hands-on exciti​ng sklls that serve them well in life.

This is our Beth Rivkah. Not just a school, but a community. A home.

Support the important work that happens here, every. single. day. 

Copy of Copy of haschalos sefer torah fl

Experience the incredible unity and be part of something truly remarkable at Bais Rivkah!

In the year תשמ"ב, the Rebbe instructed us to create a special Torah scroll, and everyone associated with our institution was invited to buy a letter for this sacred endeavor. The response was overwhelming as people eagerly bought letters, with a thousand purchased initially. But that was just the beginning! When the Rebbe heard the news, the goal was set even higher, and within just two and a half months, an astonishing fifty thousand letters were bought!

Throughout the years, the Beth Rivkah community has come together to complete seven Torah scrolls, each one made possible by letters bought by individuals from all walks of life. Men, women, children, parents, alumnae, and supporters worldwide have all contributed to this remarkable achievement.

Writing the story of Beth Rivkah and our heritage

And now, as part of our joyous 80-year celebration, we are embarking on our eighth Torah scroll.

This is your opportunity to be part of this incredible journey and make a lasting impact.

Join us as we continue to write our story and shape the future of Bais Rivkah. 

Campus Chomesh
A Campus Expanding with 
Its Mission

As the student body continued to grow, it became apparent that Beth Rivkah would need a larger campus. In 1988, the grounds were acquired to build the new Campus Chomesh.


The modern, spacious new Brooklyn campus, was built to memorialize the life of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson, ob"m, dear and devoted wife of the Rebbe. The groundbreaking ceremony occurred just thirty days after the Rebbetzin's passing.


The Rebbe participated in this ceremony in a manner unprecedented during his years of leadership. He appeared briefly on his way to the Rebbetzin's final resting place, presented Rabbi Abraham Shemtov with a contribution in the amount of $470 - the numerical equivalent of the Rebbetzin's name - and asked that the project's principal funder, Mr. Ronald O. Perelman, be informed that he would like to be a partner in building the campus. Interestingly, the campus address is also 470. 

Today, the name Campus Chomesh stands for more than a magnificent building. It embodies the heart and soul of a global women's education movement and an investment in the future of the Jewish nation. 

Today, as our school body continues to grow, Beth Rivkah is located across several campuses, with every classroom filled to max capacity. Plans are underway to build a seminary campus to ensure a bright future for our students.

Join us in building the future of Jewish girls' education. 


Help us continue to ensure that our children receive the

knowledge, skills, and Torah values they need to lead in life.

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