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Financial Aid

The Department of Education has made major changes to the FAFSA and eligibility criteria. 
The form and the questions are different, and families that were not eligible in the past may now be eligible. 

To apply for Financial Aid (Pell Grant) you will begin by completing the FAFSA

The maximum Pell Grant for 2024-25 is $7,395

Our school code for PELL is 011208

For technical assistance with the FAFSA online application, including FSAID setup or retrieval, you can contact FAFSA's customer service. They provide valuable support to help you navigate the process. To reach FAFSA, please dial 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-4-333-243).

Before starting your online FAFSA application, both the student and parents must have their own Student Account (previously known as the FSAID) that is linked to their personal email address.


To create an FSA ID go to:  Both the student and parents must have access to their email to validate their identity for the FSAID. This FSAID will be their permanent FSAID, so make sure that you are using a permanent email address.  (If the parent or student already has an FSAID, they will need to use the one they already have.)

The Student Account(s) will be verified with the Social Security Administration. This may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 business days. Please wait for your account to be verified before starting the FAFSAs. 

In most cases, you will NOT have to enter your Financial Information. FAFSA will import it directly from your IRS files.  If you have not filed your 2022 Tax Return, please contact us.




It is very important that all information on your FAFSA be completed carefully and accurately. Much of your information may have to be verified.

  • STUDENT’S ADDRESS: Your permanent home address. If you live outside of NY or in a foreign country, use your permanent home address on your FAFSA.

  • NAME OF HIGH SCHOOL: Must be exactly the way it is written on your diploma.

  • ASSETS PARENT/STUDENT: Cash, checking or savings account, value of investments today.

    - Fill in either first year, second year, or other undergraduate. (DHL does not offer a Master's program)
    - Most DHL applicants do not have a Bachelor's Degree. 
    - DHL does NOT offer the type of teaching certification that is referred to here, so the answer is NO. 

  • FEDERAL BENEFITS: Be sure to check off if you receive any of the Federal Benefits listed.

After all parts of the FAFSA have been submitted (student and parent), you will receive an email saying: "You may be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant of up to $____. Please note that this amount is an estimate.

The Dept. of Education puts the responsibility on the institution to verify and document the information reported. Funds are disbursed only after the financial and academic files are complete. 

New York State Aid - TAP/Dreamers

At the present time, we do NOT  recommend that you apply for TAP through the link on FAFSA.  After your FAFSA is processed you will receive an email or letter from HESC with instructions on how to apply for TAP.  Be sure to check your emails (student AND parent) and follow the instructions in that email.  

  • Our school code for TAP is 8201.

  • Each student has their own TAP ID number. Please email us to receive your TAP ID number before filling out your application.

  • A NEW YORK STATE REGENTS DIPLOMA, TASC (GED), or Accuplacer TEST dated no later than August 31st is required.

If you took the test and do not get results by August 31, 2024, please contact us.

*US CITIZENS who do not reside in New York State but have attended a New York State High School for at least 2 years and have earned a New York State Regents Diploma, can apply for TAP as “Dreamers”.

You will need to upload a copy of your Regents Diploma AND High School Transcript to your Dreamers Application.

For assistance in applying for Financial Aid please contact Mrs. Z. Gurevitz: 

[email protected]  or 718-735-0400 ext. 1121.

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