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Primary School Celebrates 19 Kislev

Our primary school students enjoyed a very special program for Yud Tes Kislev! 

The girls all added pearl necklaces to their beautiful Shabbos outfits, connecting to the theme we’ve been exploring that Chassidus is just like pearls. At our farbrengen, the girls of grades 1-3 sang nigunim and were treated to beautiful song and dance performances by our talented 3rd graders.

A highlight of our program was a special video created especially for us by Morah Baylie Vail,  exploring the treasure hunt mashal starring our very own classmates. 

Every girl went home with a small, decorated treasure box of her own with a special notebook inside. As part of a special contest from now until Yud Shvat, each student should record mitzvos she does with extra chayus or in a Chassidisher way. The Morahs explained to the girls that they should write their name in Hebrew with their mother’s name -(example: חנה בת דבורה )- the way we write a פ״ן, on each page of the notebook, so that when the contest is over - on Yud Shvat - the pages can be brought to the Ohel to give the Rebbe nachas!

Every student who participates with a notebook of mitzvos will be entered into a raffle to win a REAL pearl necklace! 

Special thanks to the teachers who coordinated today’s special  program-  Morah Baylie Vail, Morah Esty Blau, and Morah Shterna Sara Avtzon


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