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BRDC 5780 Begins with a Bang!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Today marked the start of an awesome summer at BRDC! The day began with the campers getting to know their head counselors, counselors and bunk-mates. Our incredible head staff for this summer is:

Kiddie Camp

Menuach Lepkivker

Sara Kozlovsky

Younger Division

Chaya Mushka Kosofsky

Rivkah (Sternberg) Chein

Older Division

Mushka (Feldman) Deitsch

Rivky (Silberberg) Hazan


Rikki (Ezagui) Benshimon

Kiddie Campers got to cool off with sprinklers and Main Camp enjoyed activities such as baking, art, and fun prize belts and blanket drop games. Zumba with Zappy by Zeesy got the girls jumping and dancing on their feet, and the entire camp ended off the day with delicious and refreshing ice cream cones from the ice cream truck!

We are looking forward to an incredible summer ahead. Make sure to check for daily updates, schedules, and pictures.

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