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Child Care Vouchers

The Voucher Process

The NYC Administration for Children's Services (ACS) offers Childcare Vouchers to assist your family with the high cost of childcare outside of regular school hours.

Beth Rivkah is proud to be a center-based legally based provider, offering childcare services in a safe and positive learning environment.

Please contact us at [email protected] for assistance with the application process.


Submit a Childcare Vouchers application in your MyCity account, to determine your family's financial eligibility for Child Care Vouchers.

After your family's approval, you will receive individual vouchers for each child. Kindly sign the voucher and email it to [email protected] to complete the remaining details.



Submit a WHEDco (Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation) Enrollment Form to determine your child(ren)'s eligibility for Beth Rivkah's childcare program(s).
Once approved for Childcare Vouchers, complete the form(s) below relevant to your child(ren)'s age.

  • Page 1: Provide details for the parent matching the ACS Voucher case name on the first page.

  • Page 2: List all children in the same age group at Beth Rivkah. If your children belong to different age groups, kindly use separate forms. Exclude children from other schools or childcare programs.

  • Sign the form on page 3 and submit it to [email protected]. We will handle the signing and submission process to obtain the WHEDco approval notice.


Request Placement with the VEU (Voucher Enrollment Unit)

Once your Voucher and your Whedco Approval notice are obtained, request placement for your child(ren) at Beth Rivkah's childcare program, using the placement portal.
ACS will review the requested documents and forms and mail a child enrollment notice to you and Beth Rivkah once your enrollment is finalized.

Vouchers FAQ

How do vouchers help me?

Child Care Vouchers can be used to cover the cost of childcare during the school year.

Child Care Vouchers are also available throughout the summer and can be used to cover Bais Rivkah Day Camp enrollment. (Parents will still be responsible to cover the $100 registration fee.)


Does my family qualify?

  • Only families who are NYC residents are eligible for this grant.

  • Both parents (in a 2-parent household) must be working at least 10 hours a week and earning at least minimum wage ($16/hr). Parents may qualify if they can prove they are studying or looking for work instead. However this process is harder and the approval lasts for a few months only. Therefore, it is not recommended.

  • Family income must be below 85% of the State Median Income, as demonstrated by the table below. Family size as listed on your 1040 tax returns form, includes parents and dependents.


Are all my children eligible for vouchers?

Childcare Vouchers are available for preschool and school aged children (age 3 through age 13). Please be in touch with [email protected] to start the process for each age group. 

High School students with disabilities who have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and receiving P3 or other related services may be able to extend voucher eligibility.

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