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Head Start & Preschool

Bais Rivkah Preschool & Headstart are early childhood programs that run parallel to each other. They are staffed with dedicated teachers and take place in our beautiful, state-of-the-art early childhood facility located at Campus Chomesh at 470 Lefferts Ave. 

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 Registration and admissions go through the  Bais Rivkah registration portal.


Complete the new admissions form.


Through the admission form, give in your child's up-to-date immunization record, birth certificate, and medical insurance card. 


Submit registration payment and tuition payment plan.

Scholarships are available and are granted based on financial need. 


You will receive a response via email inviting you to schedule an interview with your daughter and the principal.

You will also receive  preschool registration packet to fill in about your child.

Students for whom the above has been completed will be granted admission for the 5784 academic year.

Bais Rivkah Preschool is now accepting students who will be three years old before January 2024.

Additionally, we are  now fully licensed to accept ACS or HRA Childcare vouchers. Email [email protected] to find out more.

Head Start

Head Start is open to children born in 2019 and 2020 from income eligible families.

To apply, you will need your daughter's immunization records and proof of income.

Please call Mrs. R. Kazen at 718-735-0400 ext 1360 or Mrs. C. Steigman 718-735-0400 ext 1359 or email to start the application process.

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Early Head Start

Early Head Start is a program offered by Bais Rivkah to provide childcare for low income families.

Home-Based Program

The Home-Based program was created to give an educational boost to assist infants with reaching their developmental milestones. This program is open to income eligible families with children under the age of one and expectant mothers.

Center-Based Program

The EHS Center-Based program operates out of Campus Chomesh at 470 Lefferts Ave. for children who turn two years old between January and September prior to the school year. 


To apply or determine eligibility and availability, please call Toby Brikman at 718-735-0400 ext. 1344.

Documentation required:

  • Your daughter's up to date immunization record.

  • Proof of income (W2, tax return, pay stubs, SS1 letter or unemployment letter)

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