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Feat. Dr. Eli Shapiro, Rabbi Avremi Schapiro

ProTECHtion Event: A Night to Reflect, Connect, and Protect! An inspiring evening dedicated to fostering a mindful approach to technology usage for ourselves and our children.

#Younite to Welcome Moshiach

Feat. Yaffush Barkahan, Mrs. Sarah Korn, Mrs. Rivky Levy,  Mrs. Chassi Rivkin, Mrs. Sheli Man

A powerful Hakhel evening, cohosted with JWI, in conjunction with Crown Heights schools and organizations. 

Welcome to High School Moms!

Feat. Mrs. Chanie Zalmanov and Mrs. Malkie Rivkin

Hear tips and tricks on how you can help your teenage daughter excel in Bais Rivkah High School.

BRanches Gala 2023

Feat. Mrs. Tzameret Borevitz, Mrs. Malkie Knopfler and Mother-daughter choir

An inspiring gala event exploring the שמחה of חינוך

Due to requests Mrs. Knopfler is not on this recording

A Panel with Moms Like You

Feat. Mrs. Surie Marasow, Mrs. Baila Rochel Kievman, Mrs. Leah Gansburg and Mrs. Chedvi Baras.

An open, honest conversation with mothers like you about navigating the preteen stage.

Mental Health Matters, 5782

Feat. Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon, Dr. Shloimie Zimmerman and Rebbitzen Slovie Jungreis-Wolff.

Explore your child's mental health through a spiritual and professional view.

Organize It! A Pre-Pesach Zoom Class

Feat. Rabbi Dov Yona Korn and Mrs. Gitty Rosenfled.


Redefining freedom and practical pre-Pesach organizational tips—freedom from the pre-Pesach chaos.

How can we protect our children?

Feat. Rabbi M Glukowsky. 

BRanches partnered with to give a hashkafic viewpoint on how to respond and protect our children when abuse hits the news.

Preschool Meet and Greet 

Feat. Mrs. Rivky Goldstein

Mrs. Goldstein shared with the crowd tips on gentle parenting and how to improve our parenting journey with practical tips.

Parenting Circle 2

Feat. Mrs. Chana Kayla Hildeshaim

Mrs. Hildeshaim shares insight on enhancing your preteen's self-esteem.

Welcome Home Event

Bais Rivkah celebrates 80 years at Branches Welcome Home event. Featuring mother-daughter duets, lavish buffet, Mrs. Chana Vigler and the book contest. 

Parenting Circle 1

Feat. Mrs. Dini Rappaport 

Mrs. Rappaport shares tips on navigating the challenges of parenting by turning them into teachable moments.

Parenting Circle 3

Feat. Mrs. Dena Gorkin

Hear from Mrs. Gorkin valuable tips on parenting your child through the turbulent teenage phase.

Bais Rivkah Storytime 

Feat. Raizy Metzger, Dassie Pruss and Esty Perman 

Three Mommies who are authors joined us during winter break to read their books for all of the Bais Rivkah Maidelach. 

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