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A camp where every camper leaves with a smile!
Bais Rivkah's Day Camp has provided thousands of girls over the years with an exciting, rejuvenating, and educational summer program in a warm, safe environment. The added convenience of holding a Day Camp at our Crown Heights campus ensures that students enjoy the best of both worlds- the advantages of a structured and productive summer vacation as well as the opportunity to stay with their family and within the dynamic Crown Heights community.
» BRDC is comprised of 3 divisions: Kiddie Camp (Head start & pre-1a), Main Camp (Grades 1-5), and Pioneer Drama Camp (Grades 6 & 7th). Within Main Camp, YOUNGER DIVISION refers to campers who have completed 1st or 2nd grade and OLDER DIVISION refers to campers who have completed 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade.
Please feel free to contact the day camp office for more details or to register your daughter/s for this upcoming summer, please call 718-735-0400 x 1122.
To reach the day camp office during the summer, call 718-735-0400 x 1127. 
July 3 - ל' סיון
Color day was a blast! Campers came completley dressed up as their bunk's color, and camp looked like a rainbow of color. We had an activity to hunt for colored paper while escaping the monsters - it was a real challenge. Fruit loop fun completed the color theme. We had a blast cooling off in the pool today! First grade swam in the Kingsway pool while the rest of the camp dived right in at PacPlex. Our day wrapped up with a grand lineup, gearing us up for a great day tomorrow! 
July 4 - א' תמוז
Our counselors are working so hard to give us a great time. Today's highlight was the water slides that were brought to us in camp! We got to jump, slide, and get wet. We also had a really yummy game of Masterchef when we made different shapes out of rice crispy treats. Lunch was a delicious barbecue outdoors. Summer here at BRDC is really on a roll!
July 5 - ב' תמוז
Today was Ahavas Yisroel day and it was so exciting to see so many girls dressed up as twins with each other! In honor of Gimmel Tammuz, we participated in a special rally where we learned about Hiskashrus to the Rebbe. We also decorated picture frames with pom poms and gems and put a picture of the Rebbe inside. We wrapped up our day with a fun Shabbos party. Can't wait to see you all next week! 
July 8 - ה' תמוז
Week Two of camp started off with a splash right into the swimming pool! Every grade went swimming and we all had a great time. Today we also played airplane miles where we learned how to make paper airplanes and use them as rulers to measure different things around camp. We felt like we were flying!
July 9 - ו' תמוז
Today younger divison had a grand Mivtzoim fair! There were booths like Find your way to a Jewish School, Kiss the Mezuzah, and Ahavas Yisroel Candygrams. Younger division also had clubs. They were divided into different groups to do activities such as food art, painting, and mad science. We also played Cut the Chocolate. Older division  went on a trip to Launch where they had 2 1/2 hours of trampoline fun. What a day!
July 10 - ז' תמוז
Today we had a grand morning lineup with lots of cheering, singing, and saying the 12 Pessukim. We all went swimming today. Some bunks played a game of Dice It Out while others had baking, sports and art with our special instructors. All around camp there are papers saying "CS" and campers are busy guessing what it stands for. Stay tuned.
July 11 - ח' תמוז
Younger division went to the zoo today. It was so interesting to learn about different types of fish, birds, and monkeys. Older division had clubs. For lunch, we had a delicious barbecue. The game of Live Guess Who was a real hit. We had to ask questions in order to guess which girl was the one who was chosen. We also had a good time playing elbow tag. We are so thankful to our counselors who are making sure we have a good time.
July 12 - ט' תמוז
Today was Topsy Turvy day. It was kind of strange to do everything upside down and backwards. We had lineup, breakfast, Davening, and Shiur as usual, and we also played Glow in the Dark Balloonarama with glowsticks in the balloons. We had a hunt to find our counselors and then dress them up. We ended off with lunch and a Shabbos party. Check out the new section in this weekend's newsletter: Campers Say.
July 15 - י"ב תמוז
Older divison had their major trip today to Mountain Creek Water Park. They had an awesome time splashing through the water park. There were so many different types of fun water slides to try out. What a blast! Younger division also had water fun today when they went swimming. After that, they went to 770 to join a Tzivos Hashem rally in honor of Yud Bais Tammuz. We are looking forward to younger division's major trip later this week.
July 16 - י"ג תמוז
In honor of the Frierdiker Rebbe's release from exile, we played a big game of "Escape from Russia" where we had to find all the hiding places while making sure not to be caught by the KGB. We also made passports of compliments about our friends. Fun foam pizza activities came to us in camp today, which we enjoyed. Older division ended off the day with a special Hachlata auction because of today's special day.
July 17 - י"ד תמוז
Today we had a full day of activities! We all went swimming, which was a lot of fun. Every bunk continuing to learn interesting things with their Shiur teacher. Art, baking and sports that we had today were each planned to make sure we have a good time. Throughout the week, each bunk gets a chance to have Home Base with our Ruchniyus director. Keep up filling out your Tzivos Hashem checklists!
July 18 - ט"ו תמוז
Younger division had a ball today at SportTime USA! There were different types of arcades, rock climbing, a kiddy zone, and other things to do. Older division stayed in camp and had a talent show with performances from the campers. There are so many campers with cool abilities! Fifth grade participated in a Machanayim tournament with CGI Poconos. What a packed day.
July 19 - ט"ז תמוז
It's been another great week at BRDC! Today's dress up was Bubby Baby Day, and so many campers came with cool hairstyles and accessories. We had a game of Shabbos bingo today. Fifth grade went on Mivtzoim to give out Shabbos candles to people in Atlantic Mall. They made such a Kiddush Hashem! Fourth grade played Shabbos jeapordy where they had to answer questions in order to get the foods to set up the Shabbos table. First grade had fun outdoors. Have a good Shabbos!
July 22 - י"ט תמוז
Today was another great day at camp. We splashed into the pool for swimming fun, which was exactly what we needed for today's hot weather. Some bunks played Emoji Step On It and danced while trying not to land on certain emojis. Other bunks had baking, art, and sports. Can't wait for tomorrow!
July 23 - כ' תמוז
Older Division had an amazing time ice skating at the Aviator rink! We were freezing from zooming around on the ice for so long. After eating lunch and coming back to camp, fourth grade played "Snatch the Salami." Younger divison had a game of "Escape from Russia" and then split into clubs such like performing, painting, and sports. What a fun day!
July 24 - כ"א תמוז
Today was Emoji Day and so many girls came dressed up in their cute emojis! We went swimming in the pool today. Some bunks played Live Bop It where they tried to do the right motions as fast as the video showed. Other bunks guessed  who was most likely to do certain things in Fee Fi Fo Fum. Second month is coming up, and some bunks already said bye to their old counselors and are getting to know their new counselors. We really appreciate everything our counselors are doing for us.
July 25 - כ"ב תמוז
Younger Division went to Kids N' Action today. All that climbing, crawling, and sliding sure was exciting! Older division had clubs today and different groups did activities like dance, mosaics, and duct tape art. Today we also had a grand bean hunt. We collected beans from all over the playground. Then we ended off our day with an auction of prizes like popcorn and bunk competition points, and our beans from the hunt were the currency.
July 26 - כ"ג תמוז
Today we had an "I'm a Chossid" show. Each bunk prepared a presentation about a topic like Hashgacha Protis, Shlichus, and Tzeddaka and then performed it for the whole camp. The presentations were were so entertaining and full of Toichen! Fourth grade got a special treat today and went swimming in the Oholei Torah pool. First month is coming to a close, so bunk competition winners were chosen today for an outing to the pizza store. Good job to bunks Ches and Chof Beis!
Summer 5779/2019
Day Camp for all divisions, pre-school thru 7th grade, begins Monday, July 1 -Thursday, August 22, 2019.