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5775's Latest Programs!

Every day brings news to High School!

Production Video is now available!!

This year's Memoirs Production video is being sold Thursday, Chof Ches Adar and Friday, Chof Tes Adar, after school at 310 Crown St. 

Bring $20 to pick up your DVD copy today!

Only $5 more to get the CD version as well! 


High School Production Coming Up!

 memoirs digital.jpg

Yud Shevat Program- 9th Grade

In honor of Yud Shevat, the 9th graders had a special program on Thursday evening. The program began with a special video presentation and music playing by Nechama Dina Rosenberg. 

A lavish salad bar with milchig pasta and ravioli was served. A special Hachlata auction took place where a JEM Living Torah App, Chayenu Subscription, gift cards to Crown Heights stores were raffled off for taking on different hachlatos.

The program ended with an amazing farbrengen that lasted well into the night. 

 We thank all the girls who helped make this Yud Shevat program so special!


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Registration open for Inter-High School Convention!

Registration for the Chabad girls Inter-High School Convention is now open!

This year, convention will be taking place Thursday Chof Daled Teves, January 15 until Sunday evening Chof Zayin Teves, January 18. 

We will begin Thursday evening with a welcome program and continue the weekend with a packed schedule of workshops, exhibits, and many sought-after speakers. The girls will join together for a beautiful Friday night meal and enjoy many hours of singing and Farbrengens. The weekend will conclude with a grand banquet and roll call.

Among the incredible programs scheduled for the weekend, the high school girls will be attending JLI courses given by experienced JLI instructors. The girls will choose in advance which courses they are interested in (by registration), and then during convention they will be stimulated and inspired by the JLI courses. 

Also new for this year: We are proud to announce that the program will include an organized trip to the Ohel, where we will be having a program and hearing from speakers.

We are looking forward to an incredible weekend of Achdus and to bring much nachas to the Rebbe!

Register today at for an early bird discount! After January 6th, registration will cost an additional $25 per student.
(Note: You will be taken to Paypal to complete the payment. You will be able to enter any debit card, credit card, gift card, or paypal account there.)

Any Chabad high school-aged girl who wishes to join is welcome, according to the specifications of her school. For more information, the convention organizers can be reached at

HOO Volunteer Appreciation Chanuka Party

Last Wednesday morning, an impressive one hundred-eighty HOO volunteers gathered together for a pre Chanuka chocolate party. HOO - Helping Our Own, a volunteer program initiated by Bais Rivkah High School reaches out weekly to families going through a challenging or overwhelming time. 

Thumbnail of 232323232-fp83232-uqcshlukaxroqdfv3489--nu=44;2-338-334-WSNRCG=35-989;948344nu0mrj.jpg  Thumbnail of 232323232-fp83232-uqcshlukaxroqdfv38797-nu=44;2-338-334-WSNRCG=35-989;99-344nu0mrj.jpg  Thumbnail of 232323232-fp83232-uqcshlukaxroqdfv3;563-nu=44;2-338-334-WSNRCG=35-989;953344nu0mrj.jpg

In appreciation of their remarkable work, HOO volunteers were treated to a morning of sumptuous food, good fun and inspiration. This exciting event included a captivating Chanukah game generously donated by Zslides and an important address by Mrs. Chani Itkin on the lifelong impact a volunteer has on a family facing a difficult set of circumstances. Everyone was moved when a number of  HOO volunteers spontaneously expressed how rewarded they felt in actively helping  families in need.

In Mushka’s words: "The chocolates were just delicious.  One could tell how much effort went into every detail - the chocolate covered spoons, the chips and the hilarious game show….very cute and loads of fun!  I felt that  Mrs. Tiechtel spoke from her heart when she told us how much our chessed makes a difference. A recipient of Volunteers shared her very distressing story which had many of us tearing up -  her appreciation of the chessed that she had benefited from was clearly evident. We left motivated, inspired, and so proud to be part of our very special HOO group!!"

More pictures of the event here.

Yud Tes Kislev

When the students of BRHS walked into school Thursday morning, Yud Tes Kislev, they were greeted with a beautiful picture of the Alter Rebbe on top of a sign that read "L'shana tova blimud hachassidud uv'darkei hachassidus." They went straight up to their classrooms to learn some chassidus before Davening and were treated to fresh rugelach and chocolate milk.  

When the workshop on the Alter Rebbe's letter "Katonti" was over, everyone headed down to the shul for a beautiful davening with Hayom Yom and Inyonei Moshiach U'geulah presentations.

Then they were off! Each grade went to a nearby shliach to gain inspiration from the shluchim themselves, as well as their baalei batim. Ninth grade heard from Rebbetzin Winner in Brighton Beach, tenth grade from Rabbi Metzger in Midtown, Manhattan, eleventh grade from Rabbi Hecht in Park Slope, and twelfth grade from Rabbi Raskin in Brooklyn Heights.

yud tes kislev 5775 065.jpg 

The girls came back to an elaborate Yom Tov Seuda in the Bais Rivkah lunchroom. The lunchroom was decorated according to the theme of the day; Tanya is the GPS for our neshama. There were all sorts of road signs that had Chassidic quotes on them. For example, the stop sign sad STOP: Iskafia. After singing Seder Niggunim, accompanied by pianist Simmi Sebbag, the girls made their way up to the shul to daven Mincha. 

Mincha was followed by a program that displayed several scenarios to show how Tanya is a practical guide for us. A short video expressing problems that we all face was shown,with three speakers in between. Mrs. Esti Shneersonspoke about the connection between chassidus and art; how Hashem is found even in the "negative spaces" of our lives. Ms. Chaya Shochet spoke about the different tactics of the Yetzer Hara to distract us during davening, and Mrs. Sara Blau spoke about the different ways the Yetzer Hara gets us to feel depressed about ourselves.

yud tes kislev 5775 302.jpg 

The girls walked away with a beautiful magnet expressing these three topics and inspiration to last a lifetime - but that was not the end!

Friday night the girls joined for a Shabbos meal all together in the Rosa Hall at Campus Chomesh as part of a SHABBAT-IN, preceded by workshops and followed by Farbrengens.

L'shana Tova B'limud Hachassidus V'darkei Hachassidus.

For more pictures, click here. 



In connection with Rosh Chodesh Kislev - the Rebbe is gezunt! - BRHS experienced a health fair exploring our gezunt and how to take care of our mind, body and soul.


 Thumbnail of IMG_4984.JPG  Thumbnail of IMG_5004.JPG  Thumbnail of IMG_4994.JPG 

For more pictures of the Health Fair, click here. 

9th Grade Melave Malka in Bensonhurst

This past Motzai Shabbos, the 9th graders boarded buses to Bensonhurst for a gala Melave Malka!

The program began with words of inspiration from Rabbi Hertz and from Esther Olga, who shared her fascinating story.


A lavish salad bar and meal was provided for the girls, complete with entertainment and activities prepared by their fellow classmates. 

The program concluded with a dessert table.
We thank all the girls who helped make this program the success it was!


Remember that Davening video we saw in shul?

Here it is if you wish to watch it once again! 


Beth Rivkah would like to extend a big thank you to the parents and teachers who hosted the Parent Involvement Nights:

Mrs. Hershkop

Mrs. Simpson

Mrs. Branover

Mrs. Feldman

Mrs. Friedman

Mrs. Katz



What is it that makes 770 so special for us Chassidim?

Watch the inspiring video that G.O. put out!

CLICK HERE for video. 


And the winner is....

This morning, the grand raffle concluding Nosim L'Rebbe Color It In was drawn!! The tension built... Who will be the lucky winner to join the Achos Hatemimim trip to Eretz Yisroel????

And the winner...
a 9th grader...
none other than...


Mazal Tov Tonya!! 
We are so proud of you! 


 This past Wednesday, over 100 BRHS students headed out for a "Night out in NYC".

The trip was awarded to all girls who scored in the Nossim L'rebbe Tishrei program.

The theme this year was, "Color It In- Ki HaRebbi Nimtza"

Straight from school, they loaded the busses to Chabad of the Bowery in Manahattan. When they got there, they began the evening with cupcake decorating, and then, a palette workshop by Chanchi Milecki. Next, they had a catered fleishig dinner and heard about being a true 'Color of the Rebbe', and thriving Chossid- from Rabbi Korn.

Thumbnail of image10.jpeg  Thumbnail of image12.jpeg  Thumbnail of image9.jpeg

Before heading back to crown heights, they stopped off at 7-11 for some slurpees!

We would like to thank the Korn Family for their open and warm hospitality.

Yasher Koach to the 145 girls who successfully completed the program, and made the Rebbe proud!

As the theme of Tishrei was, they truly did, "Color It In" 


This past Tuesday, Vov Tishrei, Bais Rivkah High School celebrated the Yartzeit of Rebbetzin Chana by dedicating numerous special programs to honor the Mitzvos relating to her name. We began the day by davening along with a recording of the Rebbe’s davening. Then, we watched an inspirational video of Rebbetzin Chana, with brilliant footage and information about her life. Following this, we had workshops discussing the Mesiras Nefesh of Rebbetzin Chana and the application of Mesiras Nefesh in our lives.


The lunchroom was decorated with pink tablecloths and rose petals, and pictures of Rebbetzin Chana were placed around as centerpieces.


We were honored to have a mega challah baking class with Rabbanit Eliyashiv. She and her team of five taught us all about the kabbalah behind the components of challah. Each ingredient represents something far greater than its physical substance. We learned about the holiness in each step of the process of Challah baking, and the Brachos that we draw down at that time. Rabbanit Eliyashiv helped us create a spiritual, yet real, atmosphere in our lunchroom. We listened, poured, kneaded and prayed. The power vibrated through us as each girl raised Hashem’s piece of challah, and recited the blessing in unison. Every girl in BRHS walked home with white, rising challah dough. The leftover dough was baked and given as Tzedaka to contribute to the seudos on Erev Yom Kippur. 


Rebbetzin Chana is the Rebbe's mother. At the end of this day, we were humbled with the pride of being the granddaughters of Rebbetzin Chana.

Wishing all those who arranged this program, as well as all the teachers and faculty members of Bais Rivkah, a gmar chasima tova and an incredible thank you.

PreSlichos Event

 Did YOU come to be inspired before Slichos?


 Lots of High School Girls did, and they participated in amazing workshops.


Slichos Video

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