Today, educators and researchers are increasingly aware of the power of dramatization to teach. By imagining themselves in a particular role, and interacting with other characters in a play, children go beyond learning the simple facts and narratives of a specific time period or community. Whether playing the role of the rabbi who refused to go to shul on Yom Kippur, or playing kinderlach secretly learning Torah despite the Greeks' decrees, children taste the emotions, and imbue the values, of authentic Jewish heroes.

The power of 'play-acting' a role is so strong that the Rebbe cautioned us not to allow our children to dress up as rashoim, even on Purim. If even donning clothing representative of a character can have a strong effect, imagine the boost Yiddishe neshomas receive from actually playing the role , perhaps even saying the actual words, of the tzaddikim of our past? They will not only remember the words more clearly, they will feel them more deeply.

Our drama program is designed to bring out the best in your daughters. Our focus is on the process, not the product. Without the pressure of a public audience, each girl can open up and approach her role with real enthusiasm- whether she is a natural performer or naturally shy. Girls who have difficulty with classroom learning are given a chance to shine- and often the improved self-esteem helps them to learn better in the classroom as the year progresses.

Students will also have the opportunity to play instruments, dance, and sing, as music is incorporated into each performance. This enables each girl to uncover her hidden talents- gaining confidence and, more importantly, real growth. The study of music at a young age has been shown to benefit children intellectually and emotionally.

There are also real benefits to spiritual growth. Instead of hearing the Aseres Hadibros listed, or studying the halachos of Hachnosas Orchim and Ahavas Yisroel, the children act out the experience of Matan Torah, and play the roles of Yidden who practiced Ahavas Yisroel and Hachnosos Orchim with mesirus nefesh. Children in the drama program are learning Yiddishe ethics and values in the most unforgettable way; not by lecture, but by experience. Historical dilemmas, joys and triumphs become their own, and the lessons learned become a part of how each girl thinks and feels. 

Morah Zeesy, who directs the program, will be updating you monthly on the lessons which your daughters have participated in so you can share in the nachas- and maybe enjoy a special performance at home!