Maintaining a positive school spirit creates a learning environment which maximizes student commitment, learning, growth, and satisfaction. The school environment is transformed from an institutional one to an environment where students feel themselves to be an integral part of a community, and making the effort to ensure success of both the community and one's self flows naturally.

G.O. is an organization dedicated to enhancing a positive school spirit among Beis Rivkah students. It is also a unique opportunity for high school seniors to acquire leadership experience along with other valuable social and technical skills. They also learn to work together as a team to produce beautiful and inspiring videos, flyers, and other materials.

G.O. organizers choose a theme around which each month's activities will be focused. Themes have included simcha, increasing mentchlichkeit, the meaning of a Chassidic farbrengen, and other topics central to the Chassidic way of life. These themes are explored in a variety of creative activities and programs which foster a sense of cohesion within the student body while awakening in individuals increased enthusiasm for learning, and living, Chabad Chassidus. Overall, G.O. has helped create a culture among Bis Rivkah students which embraces Chassidishkeit, tznius, and Yiras Shamayim- and they do it with tremendous joy!

Achos HaTemimim

Achos HaTimim at Beis Rivkah is the continuation of a century old tradition of excellence in learning and conduct among the women of Chabad. Designed to provide each girl with the means to develop a program for growth based on her own precise needs and capabilities, Achos HaTimim has seen incredible success in the level of student participation and accomplishment. The approach is caring and supportive, yet up-front and challenging. The results- girls who graduate high school as young women ready to meet the challenges of modern life while remaining true to their own inner value system.

Achos members: go now to achoshatemimim.com and fill out what you did today! 


One of the cornerstones of authentic Yiddishkeit is the care we show to one another. If someone is sick, if a family is in need, if an elderly member of our community is alone and lonely- it is up to us to look for ways to help them.

Our chesed program gives girls an opportunity to step in and provide assistance to their fellow community members. Each class chooses a project appropriate to the ages and abilities of the girls in that class. Projects have included: taking meals to a family when a parent was sick, acting as a Big Sister to special needs children, visiting patients in a local hospital, and collecting money to help families in need.


Whether distributing matzohs to Russian immigrants, organizing Shabbos parties for elementary school students, or tutoring Jewish children in isolated communities via telephone, our students are constantly reaching out to their fellow Jews, and letting them know that they have not been forgotten. With characteristic Lubavitch warmth, they bring Torah learning, simcha, and a sense of Jewish unity and pride to places throughout the city and (via telephone) around the world.

Bnos Chabad

Grades 9-11

Bnos Chabad provides younger students with the opportunity to hone leadership and other skills- from the computer know-how needed to produce an eye-catching flyer to the organizational skills necessary to pull off events as diverse as out of town Shabbatons, and school farbgrengens- not to mention the gourmet baking skills needed to provide appealing refreshments for their classmates! There are 2 madrichot (student leaders) per grade who work together with class representatives to plan and organize events. Girls gain valuable experience which will aid in taking on community and education leadership roles in the future. They also gain self-esteem and a sense of purpose that will help them succeed in all areas of their lives. As with all Beis Rivkah extra-curricular activities, there is also a built-in opportunity to interact with a wider segment of the student body and to truly get to know each other.