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"I Am a Bais Rivkah Girl"

By Ms. Rivka Katz

Here’s a cliche that never gets old:

“I am a Bais Rivkah girl.” Whether encountering a stranger on the street, hearing a world renowned speaker, or consulting an interior designer for a project, chances are high that they are a Bais Rivkah girl. A sense of familiarity and belonging envelops you. You feel that emBRace.

That's the goal of the Bais Rivkah Alumnae Magazine, EmBRace.

With our ever growing alumnae community illuminating the world, EmBRace enables our large network to feel warmed, connected, and close knit. EmBRace is here to keep you in the know- what are your sisters up to? Although in different time zones and stages of life, our alumnae are really all connected- we are all sisters.

The EmBRace Magazine initiative began last spring with its first magazine, highlighting education, hot off the press for the Rebbe’s birthday, Education Day. Embrace has since published a Tishrei issue and the third magazine is coming out in Teves. The magazine has been graciously received with an overwhelming amount of alumni reaching out to participate and share their feedback:

“Huge thank you for the Embrace, which I received (snail mail!:)) in middle of a hectic Chol Hamoed- very much appreciated."

It is simply a masterpiece, a farbrengen in a magazine. I truthfully savored each article.

Kol hakavod!”

This is the goal of EmBRace to unite and inspire alumni around the world, joining forces together to bring Moshiach.

This upcoming issue features Director of the Rosh Chodesh Society and world renowned speaker, Mrs. Shaindy Jacobson, sharing life anecdotes and words of wisdom through a new age mother daughter interview medium- whatsapp. In the BR Business column, interior designer Brochie Spritzer shares secrets for decor that can transform your living space. Rivky Gurevitz walks you through her journey of embracing ADHD. The common thread between them all? They are all Bais Rivkah girls. The theme for the upcoming issue gleans on how chassidus enlivens our lives, ״אור וחיות נפשינו ניתן לנו״. The magazine is chock-full of articles covering many relevant topics such as chinuch, real- life trials and triumphs, and of course, a sprinkle of blasts from the pasts. Hear from your mechanchos, friends, and alumni sisters- the magazine includes it all!

Now here’s where you come in: Be ouR Alumnae.

Join the EmBRace! Sign up by 22 Kislev, December 20 in order to receive the next issue at your doorstep at (Alumnae from out of the US will receive a PDF of the magazine via email). To catch up on previous issues, visit

Keep your ears perked. The EmBRace will keep you warm, but how does a live event sound? Join your sisters for an alumnae live event on 17 Shvat, February 12, 2020.

As the BR Anthem shares, ״אחותינו את תהי״- daughters of Rivkah forever we will be. Because you can leave the walls of Bais Rivkah, but Bais Rivkah will never leave you.

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