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First Ever Likkutei Sichos Chidon

The Limud Toraso Chidon, dedicated in Lilui Nishmas Rabbi Yonah Avtzon, is a joint project of Beis Rivkah High School and Sichos in English. Over the past five weeks, more than 175 students were given the opportunity to delve deeply into the Rebbe’s Sichos - uncovering and embracing the timely lessons included therein. Through weekly study, and periodic tests, participants learned two Sichos a week - with the final Chidon set to cover ten Sichos in total, one for each Parsha of Chumash Bereishis. 

The weeks of preparation saw many students meeting after school to study, or waking up early to do chazara before school, and girls were constantly seen walking the halls with a Sefer in hand. To aid in their study, Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon, Director of Sichos in English, delivered weekly Shiurim on each of the Sichos being studied and ensured that all participants were given subsidized access to the new Likkutei Sichos in English. 

The influence that the Chidon has had on both participants and coordinators alike is immense. 

The Sichos that the Rebbe said many years ago touched the students as if the Rebbe was talking directly to them today, giving clarity, perspective and a warm feeling toward Chassidus. The impact reached far, not only did girls gain so much, but their families were changed as well. Many students learned together with their parents, grandparents or siblings. 

"This Chidon provided me with lots of new knowledge and understanding on many different topics. In every Sicha there was a lesson I take in my personal life and apply it," shared a student," please make another Chidon!"

"I thought I wouldn't be able to learn more after a full day in school,” shared another participant, “but I started and I realized how nice it is to learn on my own and that I can do it."


The Chidon Coordinators are especially pleased with the impact that this Chidon has had in encouraging girls to be self-sufficient learners. "So many tools were provided for the students which helped them stay motivated and empowered to continue learning,” they shared, “We heard from so many participants how this created a love for learning Sichos and how it is the first time they felt a Chidon catered to all students. We hope that this becomes just the first in a series of annual Chidons focusing on the Rebbe’s Sichos."

The Avtzon family, too, has felt the special impact of the Chidon. "It is especially meaningful for our family to hear the feedback as this was our father's vision and mission-to make Chassidus accessible to everyone."

This Motzei Shabbos, the Chidon will culminate with a live game show tournament starring the sixteen girls who scored the highest averages throughout. It will be followed by an award ceremony for all of the students who took part and put effort into learning over the past five weeks. Each student will receive an award, and a Sefer of their choice from Sichos In English and every participant who scored a 90 average on their tests will receive a set of Likkuttei Dibburim in English. One girl from each grade, will be the gold winner and take home a set of travel size Likkuttei Sichos and a $200 gift certificate toward Tzfasman's Jewelers. 

The 16 finalists are:

9th: Fraida Morosow, Shaina Sorkin, Tzivia Weinbaum and Goldie Shemtov

10th: Gitty Lisner, Leah Avtzon, Chana Butman, and Chaya Mahtuf

11th: Bassie Zalmonov, Malka'le Lebovic, Batya Chadad, Tzaita Gurevitz, and Gittel Nemes

12th: Mushky Stroh, Ayala Gellis and Chanie Schmerling

There will be a live stream for parents on Motzei Shabbos at 7:15 pm. 

Tremendous thanks to Beis Rivkah, Sichos in English, Rivka Gittel Newman, Chidon committee, and the Avtzon family for their incredible work in piloting the Chidon project.

We would like to thank all the sponsors who made this Chidon possible.

For information on how you can get involved - either as a sponsor or by hosting a Likkutei Sichos Chidon in your mossad - please reach out to: [email protected].

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