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Uniform & Dress Code

In Beth Rivkah, we take pride in our high standard of tznius. Elbows, knees and collarbones must be covered at all times. The school uniform is designed to give students a dignified school appearance and will be strictly enforced.
Please review these guidelines before shopping for your daughter to avoid frustration and added expense.
Please clearly label your daughter’s uniform sweater with her name so that it can be returned to her if lost.


Grades 1-3

Jumper Solid navy blue — no colored trimmings or colored buttons, long enough to properly cover the knees. As you shop for your daughter’s new uniform, please pay close attention to jumper length to be sure that the jumper properly covers her knees. Please be prepared to purchase new jumpers during the school year as your daughter grows and the jumper becomes short. Parents will be called and asked to bring a new jumper if a child is wearing a jumper that does not meet the uniform requirements.

Blouse Light blue button-down shirt with navy collar and cuffs.

White Blouse On Rosh Chodesh and Chassidishe Yomim Tovim students in grades 1-3 are encouraged to wear a white blouse (long-sleeve button down blouse with a collar.)

Legwear Tights are a mandatory part of the Beth Rivkah uniform. Leggings with socks on top are not allowed.

Sweater/Vest Navy blue uniform sweater or sweatshirt with the Beth Rivkah logo. Sweater and sweatshirts are available on Kingston Avenue or Land’s End (see below for ordering information). When purchasing a zipper sweater for a child in the primary grades please be aware that students will not be allowed to wear it in elementary grades 4-8.

Shoes Only neat and conservative styles. No crocs, light-up shoes or shoes with wheels.

Grades 4-8

Skirt Navy blue pleated skirt that fully covers your daughter’s knees at all times. As your daughter grows, please be sure that the skirt’s length is adjusted accordingly. A parent will be called and asked to bring her daughter a new skirt if she is wearing a skirt that does not meet the uniform requirements. A student will remain in the office until she receives a new skirt.

Blouse Light blue blouse with navy collar and cuffs. Blouses must have a second top button or students will be required to sew in a snap. Students in grades 7 and 8 wear the light blue oxford shirts, with the name Beth Rivkah embroidered on the pocket, sold on Kingston Avenue.

Legwear Tights are a mandatory part of the Beth Rivkah uniform. Leggings with socks on top are not allowed. Solid colors only.

Sweater/Vest Students may only wear the navy blue uniform sweater/vest with the Beth Rivkah logo. Sweaters and vests are available on Kingston Avenue or Land’s End. Beginning this school year, navy zipper and hooded sweaters are no longer allowed. A student will be asked to hand in a sweater if it is not a uniform sweater and it will be returned at the end of the

Shoes Only neat and conservative styles. A student may not wear any shoe that the principal decides is inappropriate for school.

**Please note that there is an independently-operated neighborhood gemach that can assist with new or gently used uniforms: Please call (718) 916-1407 or email


Preferred School #900101940                  


When ordering, please indicate Bais Rivkah’s preferred school # to add the mandatory Bais Rivkah logo.

*Land’s End often offers free shipping as well as discount offers

Grades 1 - 3 ONLY:
Navy zip front hooded sweatshirt - Style #393711
Navy zip front cardigan - Style #458427


Grades 4 - 8:
Navy Sweater - Style #510783
Navy vest - Style #510801




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