How Would You Spend $25k for Chinuch?

Submissions for Chinuch Tank 5782 will open on 1 Cheshvan, October 7.


Every woman in our community (local and otherwise) who dreams of enhancing or adding to the chassidishe and educational values in our school for divisions Pre 1A through Seminary. This can include, but is not limited to, suggestions pertaining to curriculum, technology, middos, etc. 


Submit a detailed proposal describing your vision, how you would allocate the $25,000, and what impact it will have on our students across the whole school or in a particular division (Pre 1A through Seminary). Include a clear timeline and process of implementation, making sure to include a budget that accounts for payment of goods and services as well as labor. 



Our panel of independent judges will select the most promising proposals. Finalists will be invited to present their proposal at our virtual Embrace Live event where the audience will vote on a winner. 


Proposals must be submitted by January 10, 26 Teves. 

The Winner will receive a $1000 reward as well as a $25,000 grant for the purpose of developing and implementing her proposal in the school. The winner is fully responsible to implement their proposal in cooperation with Bais Rivkah staff.