Staff Application

Staff Application

Beth Rivkah Day Camp 
310 Crown Street, Brooklyn NY 11225
Email: DayCamp@BethRivkah.Edu 

 718-735-0400 x 1105 

Please fill out the following information completely:

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 Which grade have you just completed? 


 Father’s Name  
 Mother’s Name 
 Parent Cell Phone    
 Emergency Contact    Number 
 Physician      Number 



 High School  
 Attended from  to 

Have you worked in Bais Rivkah Day Camp before?
Which years?  

What other camps did you work in?

 Previous camps  Dates of Employment


What position are you applying for?  Counselor 
What age group do you prefer?   
Note: The Pioneer Program option is only for 12th grade counselors and older. 
 Head Staff. Specify:  

I commit to applying for the Summer Youth Employment Program.  
To do so, visit and complete the application online. Then print out the receipt and give to ELKE. 
For questions or blank applications contact ELKE at 718-735-0400 ext. 1100/1105 

I am applying for: 


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 Your job position:  


What other experience do you have working with children?

What special skill & talents do you possess that you feel can contribute to camp? 

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?  

How do you feel you can contribute to the children’s growth spiritually and emotionally? 
Have you completed First Aid and CPR? 
Do you have a Card? 


By filling out this form, I understand that I have given Bais Rivkah Day Camp accurate information.  I will be contacted by a Day Camp administrator if there is an available job.

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Upcoming Events
There are no events posted at this time. Please contact us for more info about our events.
Summer 5777/2017! 
Day Camp for head start thru 5th grade begins Tuesday, June 27, 3 Tammuz thru Thursday, August 17, 25 Av.  
Pioneer Drama Camp (grades 6 & 7) runs from Tuesday, July 4, 10 Tammuz thru Thursday, August 17, 25 Av.